WUBUG 2013 (Updated 6/25) + Western Union DataBase Hacker 9.5

Goodnews, the new WU BUG 2013 is available. With this you can scan western union database, make new transfers, edith reciever names etc I have only 5 copies available. First come first serve.

WU Bug is a software written in PHP and C++. It will use a MySQL injection into Western Union database to create fake money transfert. Fake, is not the good term because the transfert is real, but not legit. You will be able to send to create a money transfert from your home or a free wireless point and then, going at a Western Union shop to cashout.

WU Bug has been released in 2007, and regulary updated since this date. Every month at least a new exploit is found. MySQL 5.6.X.X (beta) is already supported :)

Western Union DataBase Hacker will help you just to monitor your transferts. It will show you if a transfert has been correctly sent, if failed, if cashed-out, etc.

Price: $10 USD

Just after payment contact me at contact@exclusivehackingtools.com and specify ONLY the Bitcoin address. Our robot will check the Bitcoin ID and when the transaction will be completed, you'll receive your product. If you have any questions or problems, send an email with "SUPPORT" in subject :)
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